The study of economics at the HHU

The program in Economics at the HHU can be divided into three areas followed by your dissertation. The following is a closer into these three areas:

1. compulsory modules:

The first area includes the compulsory modules, which will you learn the fundamentals of business, economic, mathematics and german law. You will complete most of this subjects at the beginning of your studies, so that optimal conditions for the elective modules are created.

2. Elective Modules:

In the second area, it is all about what you're interested in. You can choose your elective modules freely within the offered catalog, so that you can specialize upon a specific branch of business administration. Elective modules are frequently extending over 2 semesters, so that the audit is then carried out at the end of the second semester.

3. Key Qualifications:

The last area is the key qualification in which you will learn important skills like  scientific writing and presenting. Such capabilities will not be exclusively useful to you in your university life, but can also benefit you in your later working life.

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